Thursday, May 17, 2007

Course-related ideas

We've had several ideas about course related activities.

1. Continuing Education Services could offer a 4-6 week online course about how to reduce energy and resource consumption in a library.

2. Greg's idea (see Brainstorming) about a First Year Interest Group on "information studies and climate change," linking together, say, LIS 450 with an environmental studies course.

3. Storytelling class this summer (power of stories) and in my Youth Services class in the fall (ways to have kids reading, writing, and finding ways to act through libraries and the community).

4. In 571 have students be creating information packets, pathfinders,

5. Students could also volunteer to be part of a Help Group (or something) that offers SLIS help in showing others on campus how to start a blog or wiki, or how to locate information resources

6. A one-credit Environmental Forum (for grads or undergrads) featuring invited speakers and discussion held over the lunch hour on the lines of the Biology Forum held a few years ago on campus.

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