Thursday, May 31, 2007

Share a car right from Helen C. White

Here in Madison we are fortunate to have a non-profit community car-sharing service called "Community Car" -- with one of the vehicles parked right in the Helen C. White parking lot, no less. A recent article in the Capital Times, picked up by UW's own Madison Commons citizen journalism site, describes the venture:

Madison's locally owned Community Car service is thriving. Started in October 2003 with 20 charter members and three vehicles, the service has ballooned to 575 members and now boasts 11 vehicles. The company is planning to bring two more cars to the University of Wisconsin campus in the fall, and by the end of the year the total fleet should reach 15, Executive Director Amanda White said.

Driving the company's success has been a patchwork of partnerships with the university, local businesses and nonprofits, as well as a strong sense of environmental consciousness from its members.

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