Thursday, November 15, 2007

SimCity Societies - gaming goes green?

SimCity Societies is an interesting new game (Windows only, so far) which purports to teach about the ecological and economic consequences of various forms of energy production, from the folks who brought you "The Sims" and the folks who brought you "British Petroleum":
BP and EA have partnered to create SimCity Societies, the city-building game that deals with the causes and consequences of global warming. The game presents options for city power generation through various high- or low-carbon means, making available solar power, wind power, hydrogen power, natural gas and biofuels — the same alternative, cleaner forms of energy BP is working with leading researchers, scientists and engineers to provide.

Can computer entertainment (sponsored, in part, by the petroleum industry) be an effective tool for raising awareness of energy footprints and climate change? Should libraries purchase this game? And more importantly: anyone around UW-Madison played this game yet? Want to write us a review?

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